252 Walnut Street, Historic Restoration of 1906 building into two story office use.Green Cove Springs, FL
520 Hogan Street, 7 story historic rehabilitation of the Jones brothers furniture .Jacksonville, FL
53B Company Street, 150 year old historic building rehab in downtown Christtiansted.St. Croix, USVI
Aldershville Senior Center, Historic rehab of 10,000 sq ft multipurpose senior center.St. Croix, USVI
Anna’s Hope Child Care Center, 50 client day care center.St. Croix, USVI
Anna's Hope Pre-Release Center, Youth minimum security detention center.St. Croix, USVI
Aureo Diaz Heights, 100 unit housing complex.St. Croix, USVI
Bassin Triangle, 26 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
Bethlehem Sugar Factory, Phased Historic rehab of campus of 22 agricultural buildings.St. Croix, USVI
Candido Guadelupe, 90 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
Clearview Apartments, 44 FmHA funded apartment complex.St.Thomas, USVI
Coakley Bay Condominiums, 100 unit condominium complex.St.Croix, USVI
Columbian Apartments, Rehabilitation of 11 story, 188 unit low income apartment comple.St. Petersburg, FL
D. Hamilton Jackson Terrace, 115 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
French Street, Multiple building urban, historic rehabilitation project.St.Croix, USVI
Government Employees Retirement System, Office building.St.Croix, USVI
Head Start District Office, 140 year old historic building - major.St.Croix, USVI
Hendricks Place, Two story speculative business and residential building.St. Croix, USVI
Holmes Block, Historic Restoration of 105 year old downtown commercial buildin.Jacksonville, FL
Holy Cross Catholic Church, 200 year old historic building - major.St.Croix, USVI
Jan Mitchell Studio, 200 year old historic building reconstruction.St.Croix, USVI
John F. Kennedy Terrace, 200 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
Joseph James Terrace, 34 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
Kirkegade Hus Condominiums, 250 year old historic building.St.Croix, USVI
Louis E. Brown Villas, 438 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
Marley Homes, 34 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
Mount Pleasant, 44 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
O'neale's Holdings, Three story commercial building.St.Croix, USVI
Paradise Mills, 60 unit apartment complex.St.Croix, USVI
Ralph Dechabert Place, 264 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
Rezk Store, 100 year old historic building rehab.St.Croix, USVI
Richmond Senior Center, Rehabilitation of 100 client multipurpose senior center.St. Croix, USVI
San Marco Railroad Station, Two story, speculative retail and office building.Jacksonville, FL
Schuster Building, 200 year old historic Danish building - major.St.Croix, USVI
Sunrise Cove, 22 unit FmHA funded apartment complex.St.Croix, USVI
V.I. Water and Power Authority, Multiple building plant rehab.St.Croix, USVI
W.I.M. Hodge Pavilion, 250 unit housing complex.St.Croix, USVI
Wake Forest, 120 unit apartment complex.Jacksonville, FL
Whim Gardens, 100 unit elderly housing complex - modernization.St.Croix, USVI
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